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Granite Bay Sports Massage
Sports & Active Lifestyle

Live an active life and make massage a part of your regular health routine. Massage can help reduce injury, decrease recovery time and help keep your body moving. Your body works hard for you, make sure you take care of it! Athletes at every level incorporate massage into their lifestyle. Discover for yourself the difference it can make for you. I highly recommend at least a 90 minute session with herbal pain relief ointment and/or cream and cupping therapy.

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Granite Bay Pregnancy Massage
Pregnancy Massage

Ease those back and hip pains with a relaxing pregnancy massage. Massage during pregnancy can help with sciatica, round ligament pain, and the overall stresses that come with being pregnant. As a mother of 3, I know exactly what areas to focus on to help you get some relief. I highly recommend a 90 minute session with an exfoliating foot scrub and hot stones on the feet.

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Cupping Therapy

Cupping Massage is great for releasing trigger points and muscle tension, breaking up scars and adhesions, increasing circulation, breaking up toxins to be eliminated from the body, reduction of cellulite, and so much more. Cupping therapy is great for those who get tension headaches/migraines, work physically demanding jobs, and who work at a desk all day on the computer. Watch how I use the cups and learn more about cupping here.

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Granite Bay Relaxation Massage
Deep Relaxation

Take a break from life and find yourself in a state of deep and total relaxation. Let the water sounds and calm music take your mind away while you enjoy a slow and peaceful massage with heat therapy. Deep Relaxation is great for those with depression, anxiety, and stress. I highly recommend a 90 or 2 hour session with hot stones and an exfoliating foot scrub, along with an herbal calming and pain relieving cream.

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Pain Relief

You should be able to live an active and healthy life while remaining pain free. We can customize a massage just for you to help get rid of the muscle aches and pain. I have a wide arrangement of massage “tools” to help your muscles feel at ease again. I highly recommend a 90 minute or 2 hour session with cupping therapy and herbal pain relief cream

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Granite Bay Massage Therapy Headache Relief
Headache Relief

Have a headache that caffeine or water won’t kick? That ache could be from built up tension residing in your back and neck. With a combination of heat therapy and gentle techniques, we can help to release some of the tension and get you back to feeling like yourself again.

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Couples Massage

Please call 916.652.4024 to schedule your couples massage, and be sure to request Kendall as one of the therapists!

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Massage & Glow

Full-body skin exfoliation using a blend of organic sugar and decadent & essential oils to remove dead skin cells and stimulate circulation.

Add to any massage for $35.

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PMS Mini Retreat

Help relieve the symptoms of PMS with an ultra relaxing 60 massage, focusing on the hands, feet, low back and head, with a special blend of essential oil aromatherapy. After the session, you’ll receive a code for a Redbox DVD rental and a chocolate treat, both a MUST after a great massage!

$95 – 60 Minutes
$130 – 90 Minutes
$180 – 2 Hours

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Complimentary Upgrades
Cold Stone Massage (1)
Cold Stone Facial Massage
Granite Bay Hot Stone Massage
Synergy Cold Stones
Exfoliating Foot, Hand & Back Scrubs
Simply Earth Aromatherapy
60 Minute Customized Massage8500$For when you just need a quick fix.
90 Minute Customized Massage12000$Our most popular choice
2 Hour Customized Massage17000$For those who are serious about their health & wellness
Invest in Yourself With a Wellness Package
Package of 4 Sixty Minute Sessions7500$per massageTotal Package - $300 (Save $40!)
Package of 8 Sixty Minute Sessions7000$per massageTotal Package - $560 (Save $120!)
Package of 4 Ninety Minute Sessions11000$per massageTotal Package - $440 (Save $40!)
Package of 8 Ninety Minute Sessions10500$per massageTotal Package - $840 (Save $120!)